Desktop Editor Saves the Day! (and other software musings)

I decided to try a desktop editor before I abandon blogging entirely.

“Open Live Writer” is excellent. It’s like using standard word processing software. I don’t have to deal with the retarded block editor.

Maybe it seems silly to abandon blogging entirely over something like a software change – but I simply don’t have any patience for being “kept on my toes” by something that is SUPPOSED TO BE a TOOL for implementation at my discretion. Modern operating systems are the same way. All software is going down this path of shifting and changing so much in terms of user interface and functionality – it’s almost as if choosing a piece of software is now akin to fostering a CHILD, requiring near-constant attention and maintenance from the user. I find this unacceptable.

I see a switch back to Linux in my near future as well. You know, I actually LIKED Windows quite well – from Windows 95, all the way up to Windows XP (ME sucked, but 2K Pro was my favorite) and if I’m being generous, 7 wasn’t completely awful. 8 and up are complete H O R S E S H I T . Full stop. No apologies.

I just want an operating system that does what I tell it to do. I think the fact that this is NIGH UNHEARD OF in the consumer market nowadays has some pretty dire implications, but I don’t want to get too much into that.

I’m also jumping ship on smart phones entirely and switching back to my old Samsung Rugby 4 as soon as I can sweet-talk my husband into dealing with the phone company. I wouldn’t have a cell phone AT ALL if I had my druthers, but he insists. I’ve been using his old iPhone SE that he already had on his plan, and I find it small and unobtrusive… but I still hate it. As someone who only wants basic phone functionality, I find smart phones burdensome. Touch screens are retarded. Gimme my clicky buttons.