Mean Girls

(No, I’ve never watched that movie. My brother tells me I should, but ehhhhhhh.)

I almost feel like I’m ready to scrap this little experiment and start a different blog. One where I don’t even try to be anonymous – and thereby can delve into some things I might not otherwise.

The qualification I’m still missing, my “EXP to get to the next level,” if you will, is learning to not say mean things on the internet. To not go around mocking and laughing at people for being stupid (even if they really really are). I’ve gone rounds with myself on this before: no matter how much FUN IT IS, I probably shouldn’t be doing that. I really ought to be above that. I should not indulge myself in such things, especially not so heartily.

Gleefully stooping to someone else’s level of deficiency and beating them over the head with it is probably some kind of sin. Leastways I feel like it oughtta be.

But I have not broken this habit yet.

It might take a while.

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