PPE Shortage Hits Home

Never before in my life have I prayed to God for my labors to be in vain.

That’s what I’m praying for now.

I keep hearing, from people who are plugged into the mainstream media, that more PPE for healthcare workers is on the way – but I’ve been hearing that for days now.

More credibly, I’ve begun hearing through the grapevine from healthcare workers in my community that PPE is running out and being rationed. Boots on the ground are telling me it’s time to start sewing fabric face masks.

I happen to have all of the necessary materials on-hand, so I’m all over it.

I’m praying really hard that I will sew up a big stack of these only to be told “Oh! Sorry! A whole truckload of N95s just rolled up. You did this for nothing.”

None of these people WANT reusable fabric masks. In theory they can work as well in most cases (likely even this one) – but let’s face it; crises do not lend to best practices. I’m not a huge proponent of consumer disposables, but the medical field is EXACTLY where single-use plastics belong.

But I’m going to make fabric masks anyway. Because they’re better than nothing at all – and nothing at all is apparently exactly what some of our men and women on the front lines of this battle have to protect themselves.

May God protect them where we fail.

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